The Best Antarctica Travel Agency?

For expeditions to Antarctica, a place like nowhere else on the planet, you need a travel agency like no other. An epic voyage to the end of the Earth is not something you undertake lightly or book without having done extensive research. With so many ships, itineraries, and adventure options to choose from, not to mention the myriad questions you may have—from when and where to go, to what to do, see, and how to get there—it’s imperative you don’t talk to any old travel agency, but speak to an Antarctica specialist.

With over 30 years of combined expedition cruising expertise accumulating a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience of the White Continent, our polar pedigree is second to none. We understand the importance of your investment and that it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and firmly believe that the best way we can help you make the most informed decision possible is to experience the trips ourselves and pass that knowledge on to you.

Bigger isn’t always better, especially when it comes to ensuring authentic travel experiences and customer satisfaction. As an agency we are small by choice, only hiring true destination experts who are passionate about polar cruising to guarantee you the excellent and personalized customer service you deserve. It also ensures you will never have to wait on hold to get through to somebody, and will always receive quick responses to any queries you may have.

We apply the same philosophy to our portfolio of polar expedition ships, only using low capacity, boutique vessels that operate small-group guided excursions, for a richer, fuller and more intimate exploration of Antarctica, and when it comes to our bespoke pre- and post-cruise land tours we go even smaller, only operating private tours and transfers for the most exclusive of adventures.

A Note On Antarctica Travel Agencies In Ushuaia

While there are many Ushuaia travel agencies focusing on last minute availability for Antarctica, these typically cater to a more price-oriented clientele who are not particular about their vessel, route or experience on and off ship.

Our approach is antithetical to this, firmly believing that for such a unique and extraordinary adventure, any Antarctic agency worth their salt should instead be seeking the quintessential polar experience possible for their clients, always aligning their interests, values, fitness levels, and budget with an expedition to match. That’s why we treat all our clients as individuals, tailoring all travel plans to your Antarctic aspirations and abilities.

So what are the advantages of using Cruceros por la Antártida as your preferred Antarctica Travel Agency? Here are the many compelling benefits of booking with us:

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Artisans Of Antarctica Expeditions

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The simplest way to think of us would be as an extension of your on board expedition team. As they are experts in their fields, giving educational lectures and guiding you on excursions, we too are experts in ours, giving you all the online resources and guidance you need to help you choose the perfect voyage.

We pride ourselves on providing you with a curated portfolio of the most intimate and intrepid Antarctica expeditions available. With carefully considered options to suit every explorer—whether you are more focused on marine biology, history, adventure, photography, ornithology, or anything else—our knowledge will get you onto the right ship and trip.

What Makes Us The Antarctica Travel Agency Of Choice

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1. We specialize in Antarctica and South America

Rather than dilute our expertise by selling tours in other regions like a regular travel agency, we made a conscious choice to focus solely on Antarctica and South America.

This way, not only are we always in-tune with what is going on down on the White Continent—from the operators, their ships and itineraries, to the on board programs, food, services, amenities, and adventure options—but we are also experts in pre- and post-cruise extensions (and the logistics of getting there), seamlessly combining your Antarctica cruise of choice with tailor-made tours to other incredible bucket list destinations such as Patagonia, Machu Picchu, Easter Island, and the Amazon Rainforest, thereby providing a full travel service.

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2. We travel on the ships we offer all the time

Each season, year in, year out, our polar specialists head out to Antarctica on different ships to both ensure the vessels, expedition staff, food, cabins, crew and service are up to our standards and expectations, and to be as informed as possible in order to help our clients choose the right trip for them.

It’s this first-hand, expert knowledge of the ship you’ll be on, the experiences you’ll have, and the destinations you’ll be visiting that makes us better equipped to answer your specific questions and differentiates us from other Antarctica travel agencies.

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3. We offer a wide variety of voyages for you to choose from

As a specialist Antarctica travel agent we represent many different ships and can offer you a far broader choice of voyage options, not just the restricted routes and availability a single ship operator can offer.

What’s more, we offer trips for the same price as the operators themselves, so you don’t pay more for our knowledge and experience. In fact, with our position across the entire marketplace, we can even point out any special offers available that you could take advantage of to save you money.

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4. We provide unbiased recommendations

An additional downside to dealing with operators directly is their blinkered bias towards their own products, and lack of knowledge about potentially better alternatives.

Our independent nature means we don’t have any ties to any specific ships or operators, so you will only ever receive objective advice and impartial recommendations curated to your interests and requirements. Goodbye polar pigeonholing, hello polar perfection.

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5. We offer a best price guarantee

We understand that visiting Antarctica requires a significant investment, and that parting with such a large sum can be a potential source of considerable anxiety. Nobody wants to be taken advantage of, and wanting to get the best value for your money is completely understandable.

Rest safe in the knowledge that you’ll never pay more for your cruise (or any of the optional adventure activities) than if you had booked directly with the ship operator, or any other reputable Antarctica travel agent. In fact, in the unlikely event you find the same trip for a better price anywhere else, please let us know and we will gladly match it.

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6. We provide peace of mind

Another benefit to working with a specialist agency is that should there ever be an issue with your voyage (like a trip being canceled—doesn’t happen often, but can happen) we have access to other ship options allowing us to assist in finding a replacement voyage (if available). This has been known to happen on rare occasions and our clients have been thankful they booked with Antarctica Cruises.

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7. We only work with the safest operators

Antarctica is a wild realm where the elements are unpredictable and potentially perilous. Put your mind at ease knowing we only work with the most trusted of operators, all of whom are IAATO members who have demonstrated that they have the experience needed and contingency plans in place to anticipate and respond to any emergency situations, should they arise.

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8. We believe in customer centricity

We understand that a trip to Antarctica takes a considerable amount of planning, but that navigating and researching the inordinate amount of options and information online can be particularly mind-boggling. Worse still, the prospect of overlooking critical considerations or not fully understanding what lies in store is daunting.

Our customer-centric ethos ensures that you and your journey—from research, to booking, to travel, and homeward return—are always the focal point, your preparedness for your polar adventure and pleasure thereon, paramount to us. Take comfort in having our experts and detailed online resources on hand to walk and talk you through everything you need to know.

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9. We don't just provide vacations, we promote experiences

An Antarctic voyage is not your average annual vacation. Incomparable in terms of its intimate wildlife encounters, gripping history, inimitable icescapes and desolate beauty, an expedition to this unearthly domain is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, one that yields unparalleled adventure in every sense of the word.

Rather than seeing Antarctica through the lens of an outsider from a large ship at a distance on a cruise-only itinerary or tiny plane window a few thousand feet above it on a fly-over, with Antarctica Cruises you’ll explore the White Continent intimately by small ship with daily zodiac and shore excursions, partaking in a range of polar activities, allowing you to truly enter into the mindset, and follow in the footsteps, of the great explorers of the Heroic Age.

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10. We are focused on sustainable tourism

We advocate and promote the practice of safe and environmentally responsible travel to the Antarctic by only working with the best small ship operators in Antarctica who are IAATO members.

This means they have demonstrated a commitment to follow the necessary precautions and protocols to visit Antarctica safely and responsibly, including ensuring staff and crew have all the necessary experience and training on how to approach and keep a safe distance from wildlife, have a minimal impact on the natural environment, and to provide educational programs to develop environmental advocacy for Antarctica.

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As preeminent purveyors of the finest polar expeditions, we only partner with the most reputable small ship operators of the region, all of whom are members of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO). This means that you can rest assured we are committed to advocating and promoting the practice of safe, environmentally responsible travel to Antarctica.

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