Zodiac with a group of people next to the large iceberg

Antarctica Small Group Tours & Travel

Curated cruise options for those traveling to Antarctica with a group
Starting at:
Per Person
$ 4,860


  • Witness Antarctica’s unparalleled natural riches with your fellow like-minded adventurers
  • Combine small ship-based sightseeing together with kayaking, onshore trekking, and other polar pursuits ideal for groups
  • Bond with your band of travelers over spectacular wildlife spectacles, from whales to penguin colonies, and the unbelievable scenery of icebergs and glacier-wrapped mountains
  • Traveling as a group can reduce individual costs through ‘bulk’ discounts
  • Benefit from dedicated guides and more personalized attention

By their very definition Antarctic expedition cruises are small group in nature, using small ice-strengthened ships to better access Antarctica’s remote, wildlife-rich reaches, minimizing any environmental impact, and making for an all-round more intimate experience both on board and off-ship on guided group excursions which maintain a minimum 1:20 field staff-to-passenger ratio ashore. But Antarctica small group tours here refer to those traveling with others—parties of polar explorers heading together on a joint sojourn South Polewards to collectively explore the wonders of the White Continent.

Whether you’re a group of colleagues, a team, society, club, or just a group of friends or extended family, and whatever the reason for your trip, whether it be an annual conference, reunion, incentive reward, or special celebration, Antarctica group tours provide an unforgettable polar experience that you’ll each cherish perennially. Embark on an epic journey of discovery through the continent’s unique ecosystem, and participate in, and bond over, unique activities and singular experiences, such as kayaking among icebergs and porpoising penguins, hiking or even snowshoeing across pristine snowscapes, or even camping out overnight on the ice for the adventure of your lifetime.

Antarctica group tour following King Penguins Group of people on ice by the Sea

Antarctica Small Group Tours

Join our exclusive small group tours to Antarctica, where every moment is an adventure and camaraderie is forged amidst awe-inspiring landscapes.

Classic Antarctica

Length: 10 Day / 9 Night
Ships: MV Ushuaia
$ 4,860 - $ 14,860
Per Person

Polar Circle Quest

Length: 12 Day / 11 Night
Ships: MV Ushuaia
$ 8,810 - $ 16,350
Per Person
Up to 15% savings

Across the Antarctic Circle: Christmas Expedition

Length: 14 Day / 13 Night
Ships: Sylvia Earle
$ 15,296 - $ 31,446
Per Person

Best of Antarctica: Pristine Wilderness

Length: 11 Day / 10 Night
Ships: Ocean Endeavour
$ 7,899 - $ 14,799
Per Person

In-Depth Antarctica, Falklands & South Georgia Expedition

Length: 23 Day / 22 Night
Ships: MS Fram
$ 13,006 - $ 68,721
Per Person

Falkland Islands - South Georgia - Antarctica (19D)

Length: 19 Day / 18 Night
Ships: Plancius, Hondius
$ 11,000 - $ 26,300
Per Person

FAQ About Antarctica Group Tours

What are the advantages of Antarctica small group tours?

Antarctica small group tours offer an intimate and immersive experience, allowing you to connect with fellow travelers and knowledgeable guides. You’ll enjoy personalized attention, flexibility, and the chance to explore remote areas that larger groups may not reach.

When is the best time to go on an Antarctica small group tour?

The Antarctic summer months of November to March are ideal for small group tours. During this time, wildlife is abundant, temperatures are relatively mild, and activities like kayaking and Zodiac cruises are available.

What wildlife can I expect to see on an Antarctica small group tour?

Antarctica small group tours offer incredible wildlife encounters. You can witness penguins, seals, whales, seabirds, and other unique species up close, while expert guides provide valuable insights and enhance your experience.

What activities are included in Antarctica small group tours?

Antarctica small group tours offer a range of activities such as guided shore excursions, wildlife spotting, photography opportunities, lectures by experts, Zodiac cruises, and even camping experiences, ensuring an enriching and adventurous journey.

Are Antarctica small group tours suitable for all ages and fitness levels?

Antarctica small group tours cater to a variety of ages and fitness levels. While some activities may require moderate physical fitness, there are options available for everyone, and expert guidance ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Best Ships for Antarctica Group Tours

Embark on an unforgettable journey aboard our top-rated ships for Antarctica group tours as you explore the frozen wonders of the seventh continent.

Up to 26% savings

Greg Mortimer

9-23 Days, 17 Itineraries
132 Guests, Luxury
$ 9,596 - $ 49,976
Per Person

MV Ushuaia

10-22 Days, 5 Itineraries
90 Guests, Luxury
$ 4,860 - $ 20,180
Per Person

Ocean Endeavour

11-23 Days, 7 Itineraries
200 Guests, Luxury
$ 7,649 - $ 33,599
Per Person

MS Fram

22-23 Days, 3 Itineraries
318 Guests, Luxury
$ 10,886 - $ 68,721
Per Person


11-21 Days, 9 Itineraries
108 Guests, Luxury
$ 7,700 - $ 22,700
Per Person


10-24 Days, 9 Itineraries
170 Guests, Luxury
$ 2,150 - $ 29,000
Per Person