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Antarctica Wildlife Tours & Cruises

See seals, seabirds, whales, and penguins in Antarctica's pristine polar habitat
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Per Person
$ 6,695


  • See superlative species such as leopard seals, wandering albatross, and (if you’re lucky!) emperor penguins
  • Experience some of the greatest concentrations of marine life on the planet
  • Spot penguin chicks and seal pups during the breeding season
  • Get up-close looks at marine life and seabirds via Zodiac, kayak, and onshore guided hikes
  • Witness many of the Southern Ocean’s whale species lobtailing and lunge feeding in late summer

The Antarctic zone easily ranks among the greatest wildlife-watching destinations on Earth. A dazzling diversity and abundance of marine creatures—from terns and albatrosses to fur seals and baleen whales—reflect the incredible productivity of these polar waters, powered by krill and other miniscule but mighty fuel. From the enormous elephant seals and imposing giant petrels of South Georgia to the penguin colonies and orca hunting grounds along the White Continent’s coastline, Antarctic wildlife adventures are as dramatic as any safari destination anywhere.

Whether you’re marveling at the diverse pinniped or avian rookeries of the Antarctic Peninsula, scouting for blue whales amid the sea ice, or venturing beyond the Antarctic Circle after one of the planet’s most coveted bird species on an Antarctica emperor penguin tour in the Weddell Sea, life-changing encounters with extraordinary animals—enriched by expert ornithologist and preeminent pelagic guides—are par for the course on Antarctica wildlife cruises at the bottom of the world.

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Antarctica Wildlife Tours

Immerse yourself in a wildlife spectacle like no other and explore the pristine habitats of the seventh continent, where nature’s wonders come alive before your very eyes.

Giants of the Southern Ocean: Whale Voyage with South Shetlands & the Antarctic Peninsula

Length: 9 Day / 8 Night
Ships: Ocean Victory
$ 6,695 - $ 17,995
Per Person
Up to 38% savings

South Georgia & Antarctic Peninsula: Penguin Safari (18D)

Length: 18 Day / 17 Night
Ships: Ocean Adventurer, World Explorer
$ 14,576 - $ 30,169
Per Person

Emperor Penguin Quest: Expedition To Snow Hill

Length: 14 Day / 13 Night
Ships: Ultramarine
Sold Out

The Epic Antarctica & South Georgia Adventure

Length: 18 Day / 17 Night
Ships: Ocean Albatros
$ 11,590 - $ 33,990
Per Person

Best of Antarctica: Wildlife Explorer

Length: 11 Day / 10 Night
Ships: Ocean Endeavour
$ 8,799 - $ 16,349
Per Person

Falklands (Malvinas), South Georgia & Antarctica

Length: 20 Day / 19 Night
Ships: Magellan Explorer
Sold Out

Classic South Georgia

Length: 22 Day / 21 Night
Ships: MV Ushuaia
$ 9,990 - $ 20,180
Per Person
Up to 20% savings

Wild Antarctica

Length: 12 Day / 11 Night
Ships: Greg Mortimer, Sylvia Earle
$ 10,716 - $ 23,516
Per Person
Up to 20% savings

Antarctica & Falklands Expedition (Northbound)

Length: 19 Day / 18 Night
Ships: MS Fridtjof Nansen
$ 8,586 - $ 31,703
Per Person

Antarctica - Elephant Island - Weddell Sea - Polar Circle

Length: 15 Day / 14 Night
Ships: Plancius
$ 10,500 - $ 15,300
Per Person

FAQ About Antarctic Wildlife Adventures

Why choose an Antarctica wildlife tour?

Antarctica wildlife tours offer extraordinary opportunities to witness diverse and abundant wildlife, including penguins, seals, whales, and seabirds. These tours provide immersive experiences, expert guides, and the chance to explore one of the world’s most pristine ecosystems.

When is the best time for Antarctica wildlife tours?

The Antarctic summer months from November to March are ideal for wildlife tours. During this time, wildlife is most active, with penguins nesting, seal pups born, and whales feeding in the nutrient-rich Antarctic waters.

What wildlife can I expect to see on an Antarctica tour?

Antarctica tours offer incredible wildlife encounters. You can witness various penguin species, such as Adélie, Gentoo, and Chinstrap, along with seals like Weddell and Leopard seals. Whales, including humpbacks and orcas, are commonly sighted, along with numerous seabirds.

What activities are included in Antarctica wildlife tours?

Antarctica wildlife tours typically include Zodiac cruises for up-close wildlife observation, shore excursions to penguin rookeries and seal colonies, lectures by expert naturalists, and opportunities for wildlife photography and birdwatching.

What measures are taken to protect the wildlife during Antarctica tours?

Antarctica tours prioritize wildlife conservation and adhere to strict guidelines to minimize disturbance to the animals and their habitats. Operators follow International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) regulations to ensure responsible and sustainable wildlife viewing.

Antarctica Wildlife Cruises

Embark on an extraordinary wildlife odyssey to Antarctica. Set sail on our captivating wildlife cruises and witness majestic penguins, playful seals, and graceful whales in their natural habitat.

Up to 50% savings

Ocean Victory

9-23 Days, 7 Itineraries
189 Guests, Luxury
$ 4,845 - $ 48,595
Per Person
Up to 50% savings

Ocean Adventurer

8-20 Days, 7 Itineraries
128 Guests, Luxury
$ 7,430 - $ 33,521
Per Person
Up to 50% savings

World Explorer

8-20 Days, 5 Itineraries
172 Guests, Luxury
$ 7,178 - $ 33,596
Per Person
Up to 38% savings


11-23 Days, 7 Itineraries
199 Guests, Luxury
$ 10,126 - $ 46,666
Per Person
Up to 30% savings

Ocean Albatros

10-19 Days, 7 Itineraries
169 Guests, Luxury
$ 7,895 - $ 44,995
Per Person
Up to 26% savings

Greg Mortimer

9-23 Days, 17 Itineraries
132 Guests, Luxury
$ 9,596 - $ 49,976
Per Person
Up to 26% savings

Sylvia Earle

9-24 Days, 17 Itineraries
132 Guests, Luxury
$ 10,236 - $ 53,095
Per Person
Up to 24% savings

MS Fridtjof Nansen

12-19 Days, 3 Itineraries
530 Guests, Luxury
$ 4,326 - $ 50,281
Per Person

MV Ushuaia

10-22 Days, 5 Itineraries
90 Guests, Luxury
$ 4,860 - $ 20,180
Per Person