King George Island Aerial View

Antarctica Fly-Cruise

Save time and avoid sailing the Drake Passage one or both ways
Starting at:
Per Person
$ 9,995


  • Take the ‘Antarctic Express’ route, reaching Antarctica quickly and comfortably by flying instead of sailing
  • Fly the Drake Passage, lessening the chances you’ll experience rough seas or storm delays
  • Maximize your time in Antarctica proper by eliminating or reducing sailing days from South America
  • Witness bird’s-eye views of some of the world’s most spectacular terrain and seascapes
  • Experience the White Continent from two different perspectives, by both sea and air

By far most visits to Antarctica are by ship alone, but that’s not the only way to see the White Continent—flying part of the way is also a possibility. Antarctica Fly-Cruise itineraries allow you to combine air travel by charter flight with an expedition cruise around the Antarctic Peninsula, swapping two days’ sailing across the Drake Passage for a short two-hour flight from Punta Arenas in Chile to King George Island, the largest of the South Shetland Islands, just 120 kilometers (75 miles) shy of the continent itself.

There are two ways to fly and cruise Antarctica. Fly-fly trips include both inbound and outbound flights: a good option for those with limited time, as nearly all of your trip will take place in Antarctica proper, or for those who wish to avoid the Drake Passage crossing altogether. Fly-sail (or conversely sail-fly) itineraries on the other hand have you fly one leg, and cruise the other. They have the advantage of shaving off some time yet still allowing you to experience the Drake Passage, and are more cost effective.

Plane on the snow Punta Arenas colorful town from above

Antarctica Fly Cruises

Fly and cruise Antarctica with these Antarctic express air-cruise itineraries involving flights from Punta Arenas to King George Island or vice-versa.

Up to 15% savings

Classic Antarctica Air-Cruise

Length: 8 Day / 7 Night
Ships: Ocean Nova, Magellan Explorer
$ 9,995 - $ 29,995
Per Person

Polar Circle Air-Cruise

Length: 10 Day / 9 Night
Ships: Ocean Nova, Magellan Explorer
$ 15,995 - $ 36,495
Per Person

Antarctic Explorer: Fly-Fly

Length: 12 Day / 11 Night
Ships: Greg Mortimer
Sold Out
Up to 10% savings

South Georgia & Antarctic Odyssey: Sail-Fly

Length: 20 Day / 19 Night
Ships: Greg Mortimer, Sylvia Earle
$ 26,006 - $ 53,546
Per Person
Up to 33% savings

Antarctic Express: Crossing The Circle

Length: 11 Day / 10 Night
Ships: Ocean Adventurer
$ 20,314 - $ 38,245
Per Person
Up to 38% savings

Antarctic Express: Fly The Drake

Length: 8 Day / 7 Night
Ships: Ocean Adventurer, World Explorer
$ 11,525 - $ 27,895
Per Person

Antarctica Air Cruise Map

FAQ About Antarctica Fly and Cruise Options

What are Antarctica Fly-Cruises?

Antarctica Fly-Cruises combine a flight to or from the Antarctic Peninsula with a shorter cruise, allowing travelers to bypass the often turbulent Drake Passage. These expeditions offer a time-efficient and comfortable way to reach the stunning landscapes and wildlife of Antarctica.

Please note that whilst so...

How does an Antarctica Fly-Cruise work?

During an Antarctica Fly-Cruise, travelers fly from Punta Arenas, Chile, to King George Island in Antarctica, saving several days of sailing across the Drake Passage. From there, they embark on a cruise to explore the Antarctic Peninsula, enjoying shore excursions and wildlife encounters.

What are the advantages of an Antarctica Fly-Cruise?

The main advantages of an Antarctica Fly-Cruise are time savings and reduced potential for seasickness. By flying over the Drake Passage, travelers have more time to explore the Antarctic Peninsula and can avoid the potentially rough seas of the passage.

Are there any disadvantages to Antarctica Fly-Cruises?

While Antarctica Fly-Cruises offer convenience, the flight portion is still subject to weather conditions. Delays or cancellations may occur due to poor weather, which could impact the overall itinerary. However, tour operators typically have contingency plans in place. They also tend to be more expensive.

When is the best time to go on an Antarctica Fly-Cruise?

The best time for Antarctica Fly-Cruises is during the Antarctic summer months from November to March. This period offers milder weather, longer daylight hours, and abundant wildlife, providing optimal conditions for exploring the Antarctic Peninsula.

Do you have any Antarctica Fly Cruise Deals?

Normally Fly-Cruise itineraries prove very popular and can sell out well in advance. However occasionally Antarctica Fly-Cruise deals do become available, which gives you the best of both worlds, simultaneously saving time sailing the Drake Passage and...

Best Fly Cruise Antarctica Ships

Reach the Antarctic realm faster, bypass the Drake Passage, and experience the ultimate blend of convenience and luxury on our top-rated fly cruise Antarctica ships.

Up to 15% savings

Ocean Nova

6-10 Days, 3 Itineraries
72 Guests, Luxury
$ 4,995 - $ 26,395
Per Person
Up to 11% savings

Magellan Explorer

6-20 Days, 6 Itineraries
96 Guests, Luxury
$ 6,495 - $ 36,495
Per Person


10-24 Days, 9 Itineraries
170 Guests, Luxury
$ 2,350 - $ 29,000
Per Person
Up to 20% savings

Greg Mortimer

12-21 Days, 10 Itineraries
132 Guests, Luxury
$ 10,236 - $ 49,976
Per Person
Up to 33% savings

Ocean Adventurer

16-18 Days, 2 Itineraries
128 Guests, Luxury
$ 14,576 - $ 30,169
Per Person
Up to 20% savings

Sylvia Earle

12-24 Days, 15 Itineraries
132 Guests, Luxury
$ 10,716 - $ 53,546
Per Person
Up to 38% savings

World Explorer

8-18 Days, 4 Itineraries
172 Guests, Luxury
$ 8,312 - $ 32,546
Per Person