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Antarctic Peninsula Cruise

The classic Antarctica cruise exploring the western Antarctic Peninsula
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Per Person
£ 3,928


  • Experience for yourself the authentic, classic Antarctica cruise
  • See the greatest variety of wildlife in Antarctica, including penguins, seabirds, whales, and seals
  • Admire some of the most striking scenery on the White Continent, including high and rugged Antarctic Peninsula mountains, coastal ice shelves, and abundant icebergs
  • Visit prominent scientific research bases such as Esperanza and Palmer stations
  • Partake in a wide range of adventure activities on peninsular islands or on the mainland

The Antarctic Peninsula describes that mountainous, fjord- and strait-cut neck of land representing the northernmost extremity of the White Continent. This is the most accessible, the most visited, the most wildlife-rich, and among the most dazzling portions of Antarctica, not to mention treated to the mildest climate, particularly the wet, maritime zone of the western side. Explorations of the Antarctic Peninsula region rank as the all-out classic Antarctica voyage.

Antarctic Peninsula cruises during the austral summer show off soaring mountains, iceberg-cluttered waterways, bustling penguin rookeries, seal pupping and basking grounds, whale-sloshed bays, and other extraordinary sights. Iconic destinations here include the Lemaire Channel (aka “Kodak Alley”), Paradise Bay, Brown Bluff, Deception Island, and Wilhelmina Bay. There are activities galore, from kayaking and Zodiac wildlife-watching to hiking, skiing, and even camping. Reached by cruises out of Ushuaia and flights out of Punta Arenas, the Antarctic Peninsula lives up to its reputation and then some.

Penguin on a sunny day Beautiful iceberg reflecting in the clear water

Antarctic Peninsula Cruises

Embark on the classic Antarctica cruise, an enchanting voyage to the breathtaking western Antarctic Peninsula to witness its towering icebergs, majestic glaciers, and abundant wildlife.

South Shetland Islands & Antarctic Peninsula

Length: 10 Day / 9 Night
Ships: Ocean Victory, Ocean Albatros
£ 6,865 - £ 22,787
Per Person

Classic Antarctica

Length: 10 Day / 9 Night
Ships: MV Ushuaia
£ 3,928 - £ 10,805
Per Person
Up to 20% savings

Spirit of Antarctica

Length: 12 Day / 11 Night
Ships: Greg Mortimer, Sylvia Earle
£ 8,273 - £ 23,272
Per Person
Up to 20% savings

Best of Antarctica: Pristine Wilderness

Length: 11 Day / 10 Night
Ships: Ocean Endeavour
£ 5,427 - £ 10,167
Per Person

Antarctica - Discovery & Learning Voyage

Length: 11 Day / 10 Night
Ships: Plancius
£ 6,385 - £ 12,446
Per Person
Up to 38% savings

Antarctic Explorer: Discovering The 7th Continent

Length: 11 Day / 10 Night
Ships: Ocean Adventurer, World Explorer
£ 6,718 - £ 19,198
Per Person

Antarctic Peninsula Map

FAQ About Antarctic Peninsula Cruises

What are Antarctic Peninsula cruises?

Antarctic Peninsula cruises are expeditions that take you to the northernmost part of the Antarctic continent. These cruises offer an immersive experience, allowing you to explore the stunning landscapes, encounter unique wildlife, and witness the grandeur of icebergs and glaciers.

What can I expect during an Antarctic Peninsula cruise?

During an Antarctic Peninsula cruise, you can expect awe-inspiring scenery, encounters with penguins, seals, and whales, Zodiac boat excursions to explore pristine bays and stunning ice formations, expert-led lectures, and the opportunity to step foot on the seventh continent.

When is the best time to go on an Antarctic Peninsula cruise?

The best time for Antarctic Peninsula cruises is during the Antarctic summer months from November to March. This period offers longer daylight hours, milder temperatures, and a higher abundance of wildlife, including nesting penguins and active seal colonies.

How long do Antarctic Peninsula cruises typically last?

Antarctic Peninsula cruises typically last around 10-12 days, although the duration can vary. This timeframe allows for comprehensive exploration of the Antarctic Peninsula, including visits to various landing sites and opportunities for wildlife observation and photography.

Are Antarctic Peninsula cruises suitable for all ages and fitness levels?

Yes, Antarctic Peninsula cruises are suitable for a range of ages and fitness levels. While some landings require a moderate level of mobility, there are options available for less strenuous activities. The focus is on providing an enriching experience for all passengers.

Ships Offering The Classic Antarctica Cruise

Experience the timeless allure of the classic Antarctica cruise aboard our exceptional ships, an unforgettable journey to the seventh continent, where adventure and wonder await at every turn.

Up to 20% savings

Greg Mortimer

12-21 Days, 10 Itineraries
132 Guests, Luxury
£ 8,273 - £ 40,390
Per Person

MV Ushuaia

10-22 Days, 5 Itineraries
90 Guests, Luxury
£ 3,928 - £ 16,309
Per Person
Up to 30% savings

Ocean Victory

9-19 Days, 7 Itineraries
189 Guests, Luxury
£ 5,768 - £ 24,550
Per Person
Up to 20% savings

Sylvia Earle

12-24 Days, 15 Itineraries
132 Guests, Luxury
£ 8,660 - £ 43,275
Per Person
Up to 38% savings

World Explorer

8-18 Days, 4 Itineraries
172 Guests, Luxury
£ 6,718 - £ 26,303
Per Person
Up to 20% savings

Ocean Endeavour

11-23 Days, 6 Itineraries
200 Guests, Luxury
£ 5,427 - £ 24,439
Per Person


11-21 Days, 6 Itineraries
108 Guests, Luxury
£ 6,385 - £ 19,647
Per Person


11-21 Days, 9 Itineraries
108 Guests, Luxury
£ 6,223 - £ 21,708
Per Person
Up to 33% savings

Ocean Adventurer

16-18 Days, 2 Itineraries
128 Guests, Luxury
£ 11,780 - £ 24,382
Per Person