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Drake Passage Cruise

Cross the world's most formidable body of water
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  • Earn bragging rights crossing a famously tempestuous stretch of ocean
  • Experience the mounting excitement of arguably the most heraldic approach to the White Continent
  • Delight in the awe-inspiring roughness of a “Drake Shake” crossing—or the relative tranquility of the “Drake Lake!”
  • Spy marine wildlife and often the first icebergs of your Antarctica trip
  • Get front-row seats to an amazing slice of geography, where the South Atlantic, the South Pacific, and the Southern Ocean all merge together within the mighty surge of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current

The majority of visitors to Antarctica embark on ship from Ushuaia, Argentina, which means they traverse one of the world’s most fabled seaways: the legendary Drake Passage, separating Tierra del Fuego from the Antarctic archipelago of the South Shetlands. It’s an absolute rite of passage (if you’ll pardon the pun) to experience a Drake Passage crossing, given this briny portal linking the Atlantic, Pacific, and Southern oceans—and raked by the circumpolar current of the West Wind Drift—smacks of centuries of maritime lore and high-seas adventure.

While long-ago sailors rightfully feared the often-ferocious winds and waves, modern-day Drake Passage cruises are actually quite safe. Some certainly experience seasickness crossing the Drake Passage, but there are good onboard treatments for such reactions, and meanwhile cruise ships are able to bypass or wait out bad storms. Many passengers who’ve heard horror stories of tumultuous “Drake Shake” conditions instead find themselves enjoying placid “Drake Lake” seas, and either way this mythic ocean road commonly rewards with glimpses of whales, pinnipeds, seabirds, and—as one proceeds ever southward—icebergs.

Penguins on the ice Ice shelf in Drake Passage

Antarctica Cruises Crossing The Drake Passage

Prepare for an epic adventure across the legendary Drake Passage. A journey of anticipation, breathtaking views, and unforgettable moments awaits.

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The Ultimate Antarctica Experience

Length: 12 Day / 11 Night
Ships: Ocean Albatros, Ocean Victory
£ 5,768 - £ 15,668
Per Person

Polar Circle Quest

Length: 12 Day / 11 Night
Ships: MV Ushuaia
Sold Out

Antarctic Peninsula In Depth

Length: 15 Day / 14 Night
Ships: Sylvia Earle, Greg Mortimer
Sold Out
Up to 20% savings

Best of Antarctica: Wildlife Explorer

Length: 11 Day / 10 Night
Ships: Ocean Endeavour
£ 6,360 - £ 11,230
Per Person

Highlights of Antarctica

Length: 12 Day / 11 Night
Ships: MS Fridtjof Nansen, MS Roald Amundsen
£ 6,281 - £ 24,017
Per Person

Antarctica - Elephant Island - Weddell Sea - Polar Circle

Length: 15 Day / 14 Night
Ships: Plancius
£ 8,486 - £ 12,365
Per Person

Drake Passage Map

FAQ About Sailing The Drake Passage

What are Drake Passage cruises?

Drake Passage cruises are voyages that traverse the notorious stretch of water between South America’s southernmost tip and the Antarctic Peninsula. These cruises offer an unforgettable adventure, allowing travelers to experience the unique marine ecosystem and dramatic landscapes of the region.

What can I expect during a Drake Passage cruise?

During a Drake Passage cruise, you can expect breathtaking views, encounters with seabirds, including albatrosses and petrels, and the possibility of spotting whales. You’ll experience the thrill of crossing the legendary Drake Passage while enjoying onboard amenities and educational programs.

How long does a typical Drake Passage cruise last?

The crossing itself takes around 2 days, but a typical Drake Passage cruise lasts around 10-12 days, with the duration varying depending on the specific itinerary and activities offered. This timeframe allows for ample exploration of the Antarctic Peninsula and surrounding areas.

Are Drake Passage cruises suitable for people prone to seasickness?

The Drake Passage is known for its rough seas, and some travelers may experience seasickness. However, modern expedition ships are equipped with stabilizers to minimize the impact of rough waters. It’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional for preventive measures.

When is the best time to go on a Drake Passage cruise?

The best time for Drake Passage cruises is during the Antarctic summer months from November to March when wildlife is abundant, and the weather is relatively milder. This period offers the best chances for wildlife encounters and safe navigation across the passage.

Drake Passage Cruise Ships

Step aboard our Drake Passage cruise ships and embark on a thrilling voyage, braving the elements to reach the pristine wonders of the White Continent.

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Ocean Albatros

9-18 Days, 5 Itineraries
169 Guests, Luxury
£ 3,575 - £ 27,151
Per Person

MV Ushuaia

10-22 Days, 5 Itineraries
90 Guests, Luxury
£ 3,928 - £ 16,309
Per Person


11-21 Days, 9 Itineraries
108 Guests, Luxury
£ 6,223 - £ 21,708
Per Person
Up to 20% savings

Ocean Endeavour

11-23 Days, 6 Itineraries
200 Guests, Luxury
£ 5,427 - £ 24,439
Per Person
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Greg Mortimer

12-21 Days, 10 Itineraries
132 Guests, Luxury
£ 8,273 - £ 40,390
Per Person
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Sylvia Earle

12-24 Days, 15 Itineraries
132 Guests, Luxury
£ 8,660 - £ 43,275
Per Person

MS Fridtjof Nansen

12-19 Days, 3 Itineraries
530 Guests, Luxury
£ 6,281 - £ 24,017
Per Person

MS Roald Amundsen

12-18 Days, 4 Itineraries
532 Guests, Luxury
£ 6,281 - £ 58,586
Per Person
Up to 37% savings


12-23 Days, 6 Itineraries
199 Guests, Luxury
£ 8,184 - £ 36,642
Per Person